Value-Add Commingled Fund Investment

Since 1999, Parmenter Realty Partners has been offering institutional investors the opportunity to invest in commingled closed-end funds that look to acquire value-added office opportunities throughout its target markets. 

  Vintage Fund Size Investment Phase
Fund I 1999 – 2004 $40 million Divested
Fund II 2003 - 2013 $90 million Divested
Fund III 2005 to present $245 million Liquation phase / seven out of ten investments sold
Fund IV 2011 to present $344.5 million (1) Value add and liquidation phase

(1) Includes co-invest and joint venture capital of $91 million


Focus on Investors  and Partners

Parmenter Realty Partners is committed to building lasting partnerships with its investors based trust, integrity and transparency.  At Parmenter, partners come first. The firm has developed its reputation based upon this principle. Parmenter’s employees invest side by side with its partners thus, aligning interests.


Investment Principals

Parmenter has been investing in value-added office throughout the urban southern primary and DC Metro markets for a quarter century. Throughout that history Parmenter has developed a track record of success based upon its intimate knowledge of these markets and its ability to take advantage of market and cycle inefficiencies as they present themselves.

Creation of attractive risk-adjusted yields has been accomplished through:

  • Use network of real estate professionals and its extensively researched target asset list to identify attractive acquisition opportunities;
  • Parmenter Realty Partners professionals - including professionals from the asset management, property management and legal, finance and accounting teams - will formulate a comprehensive plan for the transformation of the asset;
  • Use development skills to physically enhance and reposition the property to compete successfully for tenants in the sub-market;
  • While renovations are being completed, and throughout the hold period, our hands-on property management professionals will implement a comprehensive plan to create operating efficiencies, including sustainability initiatives, and reduce expenses, at each property;
  • Parmenter Realty Partners seeks to aggressively lease the newly transformed property to stabilization; and
  • Sale of the asset to a Core or Core-plus institutional-grade buyer.
Target Markets

Parmenter Realty Partners primarily focuses on the urban areas in the southeast, southwest, and DC Metro regions of the United States.