Parmenter Realty Partners is committed to sustainability and corporate responsibility, and we are constantly looking for ways to reduce the impacts our buildings have on the environment. We incorporate holistic management principles to the operation of our buildings, which have led to better investments, better assets, and better environments for our tenants.

Our entrepreneurial spirit fosters an environment where our employees can take initiatives that benefit our company and the community. Parmenter Realty Partners has ongoing training programs to educate and raise environmental awareness among our employees and the tenants we serve.

Our focus is on the triple bottom line: to create a balance between reducing the impact our buildings have on the environment, social responsibility, and increasing value for our investors. Many of the buildings in our portfolio are either LEED™ certified or in the process of earning LEED certification, and we aim to reach an ENERGY STAR® rating of at least 75 at each of our buildings, with an overall portfolio average of 80 or higher. In addition, our buildings pursue certification in the BOMA 360® Performance Program, and in 2014, we were among the Top 6 most successful companies in this area. Since that time we have completed BOMA 360® designations.

Our ESG Priorities include:

  • Redeveloping and maintaining sustainably run buildings that contribute to their environments and communities
  • Pursuing certifications that align with our objectives, including Energy Star, LEED, WELL HSR and BOMA 360
  • Joining industry pledges to join others in our industry to effectuate change
  • Actively participating in our communities through involvement in trade associations, community improvement districts, property owners’ associations, and of course local charitable organizations that give back to our communities
  • Promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace
  • Fostering a culture of innovation that empowers our employees to enhance the tenant experience while reducing our environmental impact

As a company, we have taken various pledges and participate in local and national programs related to energy efficiency.



LED retrofits, Daylight harvesting, Dimmable fixtures and occupancy sensors, Wireless controls, Low mercury lamps, Digital ballasts


Preferred parking programs for carpools, vanpools, and fuel-efficient vehicles, Electric Vehicle charging stations, Bicycle storage, Public transportation incentives


Native plantings, Drip irrigation, Smart irrigation sensors and timers, Fuel efficient equipment, Recycled mulch material


Dual flush valves, Low-flow aerators and shower-heads, Metering faucets, Water bottle fillers to replace drinking fountains


EV charging stations, LED retrofits, dimmable fixtures with motion sensors, CO2 sensors, rainwater harvesting


ASHRAE recommended fresh air intake, MERV-13 filtration, CO2 sensors, low/no VOC materials, environmentally friendly cleaning products


Recycling daily waste, electronics recycling drives, waste stream audits, encouraging the use of compostable products


Convert pneumatic controls to DDC, add Variable Frequency Drives, and replace obsolete equipment with most efficient options in the market.